A short promo for our Capital Campaign, 2007. I was given the audio and asked to illustrate it using video and stills.

#1 – 3 are a sampling of board recordings, pulled from
funerals recorded to 2 track.

#4 is a 6 mic to 2 track of a choir performance.

Providence Sanctuary

jim tucker
Charlotte Christian School
jim tucker Charlotte Christian School

Christmas, 2015. This is a live multi-mic direct to 2-track recording.

Dec 15 Before
Dec 15 Before

A raw sermon recording.

jim tucker
jim tucker Dec15

The audio after post-processing.

VBS 2019. This assignment was to take many short video clips made by myself and the membership, and then set them to the theme music. I also edited / created the intro and the Welcome video.

For Emma’s recital recording, the piano was multi-tracked with 6 mic placements, then synced to the video. Camera audio was not used.

The audio & video stations that I used for
Sunday morning streaming.